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Bonfire of Reflection Songbook - Table of Contents

Page 1: I am a Rock;    Erev ba;    Al Sh'losha D'varim;    O Freedom!;    Tumbalalaika;    Return Again
Page 2: If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out!;    Bashanah haba'ah;    Shower the People
Page 3: Eleh Chamda Libi;    Day by Day;    Imagine;    Lo Yisa Goy;    Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
Page 4: With a Little Help from My Friends;    Those Were the Days;    Circle Game;    In My Life
Page 5: Pitchu Li;    Avinu Malkeinu;    Hava Nashira;    Kavei;    V'taheir Libeinu;    This Little Light of Mine - Hinei Ma Tov
Page 6: Today;    Wade in the Water;    To My Old Brown Earth;    Help,    Mi Ha'ish;    Hevenu Shalom Alechem;    Time It Was (Bookends)
Page 7: Let There Be Peace on Earth;    Turn Around;    Kol Han'shama;    Mi Shebeirach;    Kum-ba-yah;    Kol Ha-olam
Page 8: The Times They Are a Changin';    Blackbird;    Turn, Turn, Turn;    We Can Make the Changes;    This Little Light
Page 9: Poems, Prayers and Promises
Page 10: If I Had a Hammer;    Moonshadow;    Ani V'atah;    Sing a Song
Page 11: Ufros Aleinu;    Od yavo Shalom Aleinu
Page 12: Slip Slidin' Away;    Eil Na R'fa Na La;    Dona Dona;    Old Friends;    Yesterday,    And They Will Come
Page 13: Rhymes and Reasons;    The Boxer;    We Can Work It Out;    Ha Shiveinu;    Nowhere Man;    Achat Sha'alti
Page 14: Avinu Malkeinu - Emaynu Rachamaynu
Page 15: Yom Teruah, a Day of Shouting
Page 16: Pure Heart Lev Tahor;    We Are Willing