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Bonfire of Reflection Songbook - Table of Contents

Bonfire of Reflection Readings
"Time Tested Beauty Tips"

"Lessons From Geese"
"Eco Al Cheyt: Atoning for Our Environmental Sins"

"Hard Questions"
"An Al Cheyt About Present Day Slavery"

"The Most . . . "

What is the Bonfire of Reflection?
The Yeashore Community hosts the very special Bonfires of Reflection around the
Jewish High Holy Days and the Celtic New Year. 
Both the Jews and Celts celebrate the New Year in a reflective and retrospective way.
The Bonfire of Reflection is a non-traditional way to celebrate
and reflect for the Jewish and Celtic New Years.
It is different from most ways people review and reflect on the last year and on their place in the world.
The most traditional part of the evening will be a Havdalah ceremony
that separates the Sabbath from the rest of the week.
It is a short ceremony that is fully explained and very sweet.
The other "events" of the evening include songs of reflection, change and remembering,
as well as people sharing their miracle stories.

The Maggid also leads a guided meditation.
The center of the evening is
the burning of items that people bring
as a way of letting go of them.
In past years there were ex-lovers letters, tax returns, business papers, legal papers
and other stuff that people brought to be burned at the Bonfire.
It was an incredible release for those who did it.
The Yeashore Community provides blank 3 x 5 cards for people to write on and then burn.
There are logs with holes in them that people can put the cards in and we burn as a community.
One of the logs is cut in the shape of the Kabbalistic ten Sephirot (also Kundalini Chakras)
for people to focus on some aspect of their lives. This will be fully explained.
As fire is both a creator and a destroyer,
you can write on the cards what you want to burn out of your life,
or what you want to burn into your life!
The atmosphere is joyful, warm, friendly and
a space for people to use the Bonfire to help themselves.

We look forward to your joining us around a Bonfire of Reflection

...Be Seeing You...Maggid Raja Anderson...The Baal (master of the) Bonfire...