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Bonfire of Reflection Songbook - Table of Contents

White Fire On Black Fire

"Yom Teruah, A Day of Shouting"
A song for the High Holy Days

Bonfire of Reflection Explained
Bonfire of Reflection

Black Lives Matter!

  The Yeashore Community 
This is our 26th year of Bonfires!!

Yeashore, and our partners,
very proudly present the virtual

  Bonfire  of  Reflection!
also known as the
Zoomfire of Reflection

A fun and meaningful evening around the virtual Bonfire!

We look forward to you joining us on
Saturday night, September 26, 2020!

We will gather at 8:00 p.m.
on a device near you!

You must RSVP at the E-address below to receive the Zoomfire link!


The fall brings change to the world.
Leaves turn,
days are shorter,
the Jewish High Holy Days
and Celtic New Year are near,
the world becomes introspective.

We will have our own evening
of Reflection around the virtual Bonfire.

We will share our stories of change and miracles;
sing of seasons, remembering and change;
and meditate on our place in the world.
We will share our voices
around the fire into the night, or just listen,
as we watch the flames dance!


Yeashore and our partners will provide
song leaders, teachings and our miracle stories.

If you would like to share a miracle story, read a teaching,
or lead a song from the songbook,
then please contact us as soon as possible!


We usually invite you to bring something to burn as a way of letting go of it.
That is not possible at a virtual Bonfire.

We ask, instead, that you have some paper, a pen with water soluble ink,
and a bowl of salt water prepared before the Zoomfire.

Together, we will melt away those things we would like to let go of around the Zoomfire!


The Zoomfire of Reflection is proudly co-sponsored by Chabad of the East Bay, Or Shalom, Reboot and The Aquarian Minyan.
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To receive the Zoomfire link, join the E-list, VOLUNTEER, questions, requests, more info, or comments,
E-mail:  Yeashore-at-yahoo.com.   (Replace "-at-" with "@")
Write soon and often!

...Be Seeing You...Maggid Raja Anderson...
A Maggid is a Jewish Spiritual Leader,
Storyteller, Teacher, Preacher, Shaman.